Dark & Stormy

It seems like kismet that we didn't end up in Tahoe this weekend. It feels like we wouldn't have booked the same incredible vacation for summer, like we wouldn't have had the same dreamy conversations, like we wouldn't have gone off on the same little adventures we did! Sometimes I get so go-go-go that I forget how good it feels to just stay, you know?

Of course, we have a suite booked in North Lake next weekend, so there will be no ifs, ands or buts about it, but it was real nice to relax this weekend, sit by some roaring fires while it rained on and off, do some boozy shopping with the tomboy, and make some plans.

Speaking of shopping, today the tomboy made me take her out to find some new clothes. She doesn't like all the attention she gets at work when she dresses to the nines, but attention be damned, she was sick of wearing her usual uniform of jeans, t-shirt and hoodie to the office. She works in Silicon Valley and we all know what those folks wear to work, so whenever she gets all natty like she did last week; fancy jeans, a sharp dress shirt under a cardigan with a well-loved blazer and boots, she gets made such a fuss over at the office that it shies her back into the status quo.

We spent a grand total of two or so hours poking through the racks, and she ended up with several items that made me want to dry-hump her right then and there when she tried them on. Then she waited patiently while I whirled through three stores like a tornado without finding a single pair of shoes I liked, God love her.

Long story short: Don't be surprised if she ends up on the blog more frequently in coming weeks!

We took these photos outside of Macy's. I liked the pebbled gray stone wall with the little white arches cut out. There was a break in the rain (which caused my riding lesson to be canceled), and there was a big frosted window with all these lovely little cracks in it that I was drawn to as well. I'm wearing RVCA striped trousers with a Runaway Pony silk and lace pussybow blouse, and my two-tone Novela pumps. I tossed on this mink collar and grabbed my Relic satchel. I'm also wearing an old silver geometric bangle, and my new Femme necklace by Three Sisters.