Damn the unending heat.

When: Tuesday, October 28th, 2008.

What: Black skirt from H&M, silk blouse by Chelsea Flowers (More Chelsea Flowers at Bloomie's here). Satin t-strap pumps by Nine West.

Confession: @&#^ this @*#&%^% ridiculous California heatwave. Having lived nowhere but the bay area my entire life, I suppose I should be used to this but I have no tolerance for it this year. It's demonic. Demonic and wrong. Is it snowing or raining where you are? Let's trade places.

PS. I totally wrecked this gorgeous, stupidly expensive shirt after wearing it just once. Instead of obediently taking it to the dry cleaner, I impatiently tossed it into the delicate cycle at home, thinking I'd get away with it. BLEED. Foul, bluish, sad bleeding into the oh-so-fragile silk. I almost tried to fix it with dye at home, but decided to, uh, give it another spin, so to speak. That's right. Delicate cycle. Take II. IT WORKED! Am genius. Hurrah.