Cypress Chill

Welcome back, friends and lovers! My, what a long sojourn-of-sorts that's been. I hope you haven't missed FFAF too much this summer, what with all of the Lez Roll-ing and settling into the new house, which is too beautiful for words, by the way. Both the road trip across the states and the closing went quite smoothly, I'm very happy to report, and my mother's visit for two weeks after she flew out here with the petite from San Francisco was a beautiful, unforgettable one. We were so sad to see her go, but look forward to her return - hopefully during the snowy winter months. We'll see!

Before you get too curious, these photos were taken back in the Bay Area at cemetery. It's a pretty place, but I've since seen dozens of New England cemeteries and I can't imagine any more beautiful. (Maybe in the lush pockets of the South?) It feels like we took these ages ago, but it was a sunny day with lots of errands to run and I wanted to document my slouchy Gap khakis. The best, most horrifying part of this day was that I went traipsing through the weepy branches of these trees with no idea that they were quite literally dripping with huge, fuzzy caterpillars. They bite, you know!

Anyway, I'm sure I mentioned it before, but M was the only one who'd actually seen and been in the new house before we decided to buy it. If that isn't total trust, then I don't know what! She couldn't have done a more incredible job of picking the perfect home for our family. Outside, it's three stories of quintessential 1880s Victorian, and within it's been updated meticulously while still preserving lots of the exquisite period detail you'd expect. Tomorrow we'll have been here a whole month if you can believe it. (We can't! It's surreal!)

Is it truly August? The fact that it's 79 degrees here but feels like 89 says yes, it is. A month left to devour what we can of the New England summer - antiquing and estate sales, staying with friends and whale-watching in Cape Cod, sunset cruises from the Boston Harbor, exploring new neighborhoods and the residents-only local swimming hole, summer shows in Boston, tending to our new gardens, and lots of other surprises we'll stumble into (one of the best parts!) - before my first ever glorious Autumn and Fall on the East Coast! I can't wait!

In the meantime there's so, so much more to report (and yes, tons of tons of great photos to share) and you can expect posts to resume to their pre-move frequency. You can also expect something new - FFAF is branching out to the domestic. To everyone who wrote through various channels with well wishes or to say you've missed the blog, thank you! It's always lovely to know that you're appreciative of the blog and miss it when there are inevitable lulls every now and then. More soon! XOXO!

Khakis: Gap Silk blouse: Vintage Bag: Asos Belt: Everlane Sunglasses: Classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster Necklace: H&M Sandals: Seychelles Rings: Coral heart ring from Mexico, spiked silver band from Kiss My Ring