Crane Beach

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I'm back from A-Camp! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. It was pretty incredible, and I am pretty spent, even after a full night's sleep.

The tomboy whisked me home from the airport late last night, then whipped me up a cocktail and sat me down to hear about all the Mt. Feelings things and stories, but when we finally stood up for bed, my body said, "Girl. Sleep. Now. And for a very long while." It may take a day or two to catch up and feel fully restored, but I'm  savoring little luxuries like overcomplicated coffee orders and warm breakfast pastries and silence but for the birds singing, watching Gunny sleep and the curtains billow gently in the wind.



My brain doesn't quite know how to cope with a living room that's bigger than the cabin I was sharing with four other incredible (and I mean truly, truly incredible) people for the past seven days. I've never ever had a roommate but they all made it…well, wonderful.


I am ever so glad to be back home with this one and the rest of our brood, however. You might be thinking, "Silly Jonesey, these aren't camp photos!" and you'd be right; they're from Mother's Day, which feels like ancient history.

But it was a beautiful day, so I'll share them even though some time has passed.



Crane Beach is just north of Cape Ann, about an hour from Boston, and minutes from Russell Orchards, one our favorite places to get hot cider and cider donuts in New England. The road getting to the beach was jammed with cars packed full of people thrilled at the first beach day of the season after a long and miserable winter, and the four-mile stretch of sandy beach speckled with deliriously happy New Englanders.

Seriously, everyone was so happy that day. We were so happy that day. The water was Pacific Ocean-cold, but it hardly mattered.



About that sea life.




I love how effortlessly M just throws on an all-white casual outfit like it's nothing at all. I'm pretty sure she had on navy boat shoes that day, which is the nautical cherry on top. Also beachy waves.


Like, where are our sunglasses??!




We ended the day trip on a ridiculously high note at Salt Kitchen + Rum Bar in Ipswich, MA. What you need to know about Ipswich while you drool in front of your computer screens is that it's a very wee quintessential coastal town settled in 1633 just north of Boston, with a population just over 13,000. Melissa Ferrick grew up there, but aside from that these kinds of little towns rarely host dining establishments that could be picked up and dropped into, say, San Francisco or Oakland or New York or either Portland and do very well, but Salt is an all-around gem, with magical food and wonderfully balanced rum cocktails, both on and off menu.


So anyone visiting Boston who wants a taste of coastal life would do well to do as we did - breakfast and a leisurely drive up the coast, pop into Russell Orchards for snacks and souvenirs, frolic on the beach all afternoon long and enjoy a long and locally inspired meal at Salt. Locals, I can enthusiastically say that it's worth the drive.


'Spanish Nights' Dress – Ruche | 'Sparkle Lemon' iPhone Case and Idiom Charm Necklace – Kate Spade | Shark Tattoo - Gordon Combs (who just - and I mean just - left Seventh Son in SF and also did my Oakland/SF tattoo)

That's it for now, I hope everyone had a fantastical holiday weekend and for all the awesome campers I met this past week - I love you and you're incredible and I'm so glad we have one another and let's don't be strangers.