Controlled Chaos

At long last, I've acquired two matching wardrobes to bring some order to the femme side of the bedroom. After looking for MONTHS for something wide enough / deep enough / tall enough / compact enough to fit into my car, I settled on a pair of secondhand Ikea Aneboda wardrobes. I know, I know. IKEA. Even my Target Shabby Chic dresser and vanity set cringe being next to them. You'll note the wardrobe on the right is reserved for dresses ONLY, with a handful of long coats. The left is for slacks, blouses, blazers, shorter coats, skirts and the like.

However, they're $100 apiece brand new and I only paid $70 total for both of them, which is great because I'll definitely be smashing them and setting them on fire letting them go when we move next year as I AM NEVER MOVING ANYPLACE THAT HASN'T GOT AMPLE CLOSEST SPACE AGAIN, so help me God. You do not even want to know what the "before" looked like (though I know some of you out there have and lived to tell), but the chaos is now controlled on my side, and M has the whole (wee) closet to herself. I even rooted through my things (which have been whittled and whittled down some more since we moved here in July) and set them aside for donating, and cleaned out any makeup I never use, or seemed questionable.

I may or may not have found a pup-o hiding in my clothes.

As an apology of sorts for all these months of hogging up M's space, encroaching on her side and making her walk through a femme mine field day in and day out, I lined her slacks up all neatly, arranged her dry-cleaned shirts just so and put all of her shoes in an orderly row. I also tidied up her nightstand, which is the least I can do since there were piles of discarded jewelry of mine all over it. (I've a very bad habit of nearly falling asleep with my jewelry on, sleepily clawing it off and depositing it all into M's waiting hand - in the dark! - because I can't reach my own nightstand.)

It feels good! Not as good as living in Mexico might, and not as good as it did when our walk-in, en suite closet was twice the size of our current bathroom, but as good as it's going to get in this particular SF flat! I don't know how the rest of the city does it!

*Note: I am NOT thinking about how all the clothes in two tall rolling baskets of laundry will fit into these babies. I'll think about that tomorrow.