Cocoa Beach


We have been so proud this week. We were proud at the Lesbians in SF "Stereo" photo show opening at the Lex on Tuesday night in the Mission. Then we were proud in the Castro, at Trigger's She Said party, and the most proud at 13 Licks. (You'll see why. Evidence to follow.) We had to take a little break, we were so proud.

Last night we felt up to being prideful again, so we had a nice tapas dinner and moseyed down to the Brick & Mortar Music Hall forRevel & Riot's Pride party. We weren't sure what to expect but we certainly didn't anticipate that Tegan & Sara would be running the whole show. I mean, the whole shebang. Who knows where the DJ even was for like six hours but do lesbians even NEED a DJ when Tegan & Sara are running shit and the super cute Revel & Riot girls are raffling off epic prizes and you run into so many friends and everything is oddly perfect and strange?

News flash: THEY DO NOT.

Top three things:

1. I won an autographed can't-even-get-it-if-you-wanted-to Tegan & Sara boxed book set that is going to be the perfect "Welcome Home!" gift for the petite tomorrow. I LOVE WINNING THINGS IN A RAFFLE.

That's why I bought ten raffle tickets. See?! Raffling works, lesbos. Do it! For a good cause!

2. And then I got this premium bag from the good folks at Revel & Riot (you definitely want one - or one of their amazing t-shirts):

I'm pretty sure this bag is so awesome it cannot even contain its own awesomeness, even though it can hold, like, 20 books. It is SO going to London with me next week. DEAL WITH IT.

3. M brought home two of these epic foam fingers.

I cannot even begin to explain to you the RADNESS of a roomful of queers waving these foam fingers around wildly, or the way they all revert to randy teenage boys whilst wearing them. Let's just say nobody left that party without getting fingerbanged at least 20 times. AT LEAST.

We also found a stray gay from San Juan Bautista all the way down at 14th and Duboce looking for his friends in the Castro. He'd lost his phone. He'd lost his friends. Poor baby, we rescued him like mama bears and drove his sorry behind to Q Bar, where his friends were last seen. I hope he made it out of the night alright.

But hey! This weekend will be full of a different sort of pride. The petite returns from her epic two adventurous weeks of summer camp tomorrow afternoon, smack dab in the middle of the Dyke March, not to mention the fact that it's M's 34th birthday! Since the petite will have been backpacking for 20 miles and rough sea kayaking and engaging in thrilling coastal rock-climbing and sleeping beneath the stars for 14 days - without deodorant and showers and proper toilets, even, and certainly without exchanging not even one word with her parents (camp rules, not ours!) - we imagine all she will want is the longest shower of her life, her soft, comfy bed, and lots of hugs from her very proud gay moms.

So it shall be. I'm so excited for her to come home and tell us all about her time away! Two weeks is a real long time, so while we're nestled in at home celebrating homecomings and birthdays and being a family, I want y'all to raise a glass for us at the Dyke March, march loud and proud and have a ball, and join us in this toast of sorts, which perfectly sums up what Pride is really all about:

"...will not stop hootin' and a holler(in)' for same sex marriage; a lesbian blogger who chronicles femininity and homosexuality, inspiring women internationally; a free spirit who stops a straight friend from using the word "gay" as a pejorative; couples & singles who are happy and never censor their affection, their lives, for anyone else's convenience; straight allies who fight alongside us for equal rights." - credit for this goes to our lovely friend who is more like family, Sammy

Happy Pride, everyone! FFAF loves you!

photos courtesy of Closet Riots photo booth by Jenna Riot