Welcome to Day 2 of World Peace, everyone! J/K.

Mixing blues is nothing new, I've done it here before, but I'm excited to share a bunch of newer stuff with y'all! Above is a lovely double-breasted wool coat from Laundry by Shelli Segal, it's wonderfully heavy and skirted and has a great deal of personality for a basic camel trench. Of course, with this very mild winter we've had so far, I haven't had the chance to wear it yet! Such a shame, but I'm sure it'll get a ton of wear sooner or later.

These fantastic green leather gloves were a Christmas gift from M, and so was the Fossil leather wallet with the little keyhole. I'm in love with these gloves. The color is incredible, and they are so soft, and the fit is perfect. I'd been needing a new wallet for a little while and this one, even though it's basic black, smells divine and looks great! I still have lots of feelings for my oversized scarf from H&M, but like the coat, it's hardly been cool enough to wear it much. Grr!

Kicked up the outfit this time with my Adrienne Vittadini calf-hair leopard print wedge booties. The jeans are Ralph Lauren and I thrifted the belt - the stripes and vintage pearls brought a little East Coast prep to the table, too. The shirt is H&M's L.O.G.G. brand, and the sweet little fox ring is from there as well. I kept the shirt half-untucked with the sleeves rolled up to keep things loose and breezy (like my hair). The crowning glory of this tomboy-influenced outfit is this new tortoiseshell watch. It was yet another gorgeous gift from the tomboy for Christmas - she knew I'd been lusting after an oversized watch to add to my collection, and she nailed it with this Michael Kors chronograph beauty. So good.

That's it for now! I will say I just came back from a really magical clothing swap last Friday night, and have lots of new goodies to share with you. For now I'm focused on an exciting new opportunity to volunteer with an amazing organization (meeting with them tomorrow - more on that later) and a weekend for l'amour - we've got a date to celebrate the 7th anniversary of the night we met coming up, the BFF and I are going to sneak whiskey in to see The Vow, and of course Valentine's Day is just around the corner! XO!