Christmas at Allandale Farm

Allandale Farm, "Boston's last working farm", is easily one of our favorite places out here. We were there almost once a week in the summer months; they are responsible for 80% of the new flowers, plants and trees in our garden and backyard, and picking up farm fresh produce, dairy and other goodies is a fantastic treat for us and a great way to support local business. We zoomed over there as soon as we got word they were unloading fresh-cut Christmas trees last weekend!

So thoughtful to put this firepit out to keep local customers warm on an extra chilly late autumn day! They had hot cider, too. Yum!

We are thorough if nothing else. Clearly.

I just couldn't put my girls through another "Let's chop down our own Christmas tree" debacle, especially since the weather reports threatened snow midweek. Remember last year's attempt, handsaw and all? Here. Not that M would have let me try! We wanted to get it right away just to be on the safe side. (Maybe next year, though, heaven knows there are a ton of farms around who offer that, too!)

That snow never came! Well, it did, in fact it snowed off and on all day long, but nothing stuck. We looked through lots and lots of trees, and finally settled on a blue noble fir, about 8'-9', and it's very rotund where last year's was a bit more narrow. Its height is exactly right. It's sitting perfectly in our living room bay window, all lit up and waiting to be trimmed. (A friend teased us about it, but yes, we'll probably have a fire going and Bing Crosby singing carols and a batch of Mexican hot chocolate and eggnog whipped up for good measure. And then we'll watch an episode of Nashville, so there!)

M's sharp tree-hunting outfit included a handsome new Ben Sherman wool coat, an old striped scarf and Brixton cap. She's also got on a pair of Dockers and Sebago boots. Mine involved a new pair of Uniqlo legging pants, green velvet Zara t-shirt, Juicy Couture boots and my new down-filled snorkel parka from Ralph Lauren's Denim & Supply line. Oh, and my Eleven Objects collar, because why not?

In other news, we've been out with Qwear the past two nights, rollicking through Jamaica Plain and Cambridge, and it's been so much fun. (If any of you folks are reading this, we've had the best time meeting new people, making new friends and hearing some pretty rad stories!) We can't wait to do it some more. We're already tremendously excited for our first Friends with Honey dinner next weekend!

You can check out the pics here and here, and I highly recommend it - so many fancy queers!

That's all for now! We've got a mellow weekend ahead of us, and we all know those are truly the best ones...