Champagne + Everlane

Hey girl. Check out our totally fantastic matching 100% Supima cotton tees in Muted Black from Everlane! They're quite dreamy. M got the men's V and I got the women's. We have them in white as well, and we love them so much I'm tempted to pick up a pair in Muted Grey, too.

Are you scratching your head and wondering what the hell this Everlane business is all about? Basically, their goal is to bypass "all the middlemen to create beautiful designer goods, always under $100" and they pledge to do so entirely online with monthly campaigns. This month happens to be t-shirts - the kind that easily go for $50 apiece at boutiques - perfectly soft, perfectly cut and perfectly affordable at $15 each. December's theme is Bows + Ties! So excited!

Get into it now, y'all - here's a link to sign up!

The bottle of champagne, Manchego cheese and Marcona almonds we picked up yesterday sure came handy today, since we woke up sore as hell from the riding lesson and didn't want to do much but lick our wounds. (Heaven help me, I have two more this week!) A Sunday trifecta of laziness was obvious: movies, mimosas and manicures.

We watched Fried Green Tomatoes, I painted my nails a beautiful, creamy olive green (Zoya's Shawn), and of course, there were mimosas. Hooray!

Hope y'all had a real nice weekend, too!