Chambray Shy

I AM SO EXCITED. Why am I so excited? The delightfully lovely new posters / flyers for August's Femme 2010: No Restrictions in Oakland have arrived and they are made of awesome. Of course they are, because they were designed by the talented Cristy Road. Curious about this magical sounding femme conference? Click on the image below to go straight to the Femme Collective website to learn more. I want to see as many of your amazing faces there as I can. You wouldn't want to miss my special workshop, would you? That's right, yours truly is presenting a workshop called TechFemme.

Without further ado, here's your first look! Soak in the PRETTY.

God, I love these Levi's. They're as soft as a baby's downy little cheek and quite flattering and they are so very comfortable. You'll hate me less for saying that all matter-of-factly when I tell you that I got them at Costco for approximately $17.  All I need is a freaking pony. OK, and these boots:

I've been informed by a dear, chic of mine that I absolutely cannot permit one more ray of sunshine to permeate my wardrobe without first securing a classic blue chambray shirt. The hunt has begun, my friends. Since Laia (also: buy her stuff!) immediately agreed and said she's in need of one, too, I decided to see what y'all thought.

Clockwise from top left:

Juicy Couture Chambray Shrunken Western Shirt, $138 Rachel Comey "Agronomist" Chambray Dress, $260 Tory Burch Chambray Blouse, $210 J. Crew Japanese Selvedge Chambray Shirt, $78 Lauren by Ralph Lauren Nadelle Chambray Shirt, $48.65

Yeah, I know one of those is a dress and doesn't count, but I got distracted and I'm a sucker for a playful twist on a keyhole back. For me, the clear winner is J. Crew, which shocks me. It just looks all kinds of soft and dreamy, and the perfect balance of structure and slouchy. Effortless! What's your favorite - or better yet, have you got any links or pics to share of your own?!