Central Park

03-P2830568 Let's take a stroll. Aren't these trees just beautiful? We passed them a few times and on our way out, a ballerina (or someone dressed as a ballerina) was doing a photo shoot in the center of them. Technically, she had no business there because there were signs to stay out of the green fenced area, but it was a nice idea. It was a very lovely day to be in the park, but it never felt all that crowded or anything. (In fact, nowhere in NYC felt crowded during our stay.)


M in her little boat shoes and bear shirt, fussin' on her phone. I love the flowers on these curved benches.


Bethesda Fountain kisses, because of course! Can't believe the last time we were here together in this very spot was the summer of '07. I've been back once or twice since, but mostly stuck to Brooklyn with my friends. It was so fantastic to be able to take the petite around and show her what we could in such a short time.

06-P2830684 07-P2830582

So pretty! The gal in pink was performing "tribal baroque" music with a few others. She had a very operatic voice! You can imagine the acoustics in that space.


The light was nice, too, so we stopped to snap a few photos for a FFAF.


This striped J. Crew Villa dress was the perfect breezy thing to wear for an afternoon walk in the park. It's so comfortable and fitted and made from a hefty cotton knit. I have one in heather grey, too, and I think they might be great fall transition dresses with crispy button-downs and tights layered underneath.


Took the black + cream theme to my jewelry, with this heart-spotted Betsey Johnson cuff (paired with a JewelMint bracelet and House of Harlow 1960 ring) and layered pearl necklaces, one oversized and stung on bits of black lace, the other a new find from J. Crew. My trusty Madewell cuffs are on the other arm and I'm carrying the Irving Place Little Nadine bag from Kate Spade.




The patent low wedges in nude are Me Too, a brand that Nordstrom carries that makes really affordable and surprisingly comfy shoes. I picked them up because they were such a sleek and demure little summer sandal, and sure enough, they got compliments that day!


Let's see the row boats!


...and then we were off to the Boathouse for a refreshing beverage or two.

Back to our regularly scheduled R29 programming tomorrow - we ARE going to finish this damn thing, and soon!


PS. A fellow femme brought some link breaks to my attention earlier today and I'm trying to go back and fix them where I've found them broken, but if you've run into this frustrating problem, please know I'm working on it and I'm sorry for the tech fail!

PPS. OMG! I found a photo of us before we hopped on a carriage in 2007 and put this together:1-Loverbirds