Cat's Meow

6-P2660359 I am so behind on my own posts (hello, I haven't even put up everything from our Portland, ME road trip!) but have kept busy contributing over at Qwear and Autostraddle, so I hope you've had the chance to catch those over the past couple of weeks. We've been so busy prepping for the holidays, as I'm sure you have, and just nestling down into our first New England winter. The weather reports are saying we could have a white Christmas, and I'd just about give up every present under the tree to see it happen! Fingers crossed.


With temps dropping, wind whipping, and bouts of rain threatening to turn into a wintry mix, we decided to have a 1/4 cord of kiln-dried Vermont firewood delivered a little while ago by a local family-run business. It's one of those must-haves that simply didn't exist back home; a combination of sugar maple, beech and variety of birch, but M & I have realized one kind in particular smells super divine and we aren't sure which it is! Is there an app for that?! (Kidding! Mostly kidding.)

1-Long Dove

These photos were taken long ago, before the real chill set in, and it was the day after Thanksgiving. Dreadful Black Friday! M had a neckwear emergency, however, so we had no choice but to brave something we eschew religiously every year. Lucky for us, Copley Place wasn't overrun with hordes and we found a beautiful silk tie by Jil Sander at Barney's and that was that!

On a side note, any recommendations for where to find an interesting, well-made black bow tie that isn't deathly boring? Self-tied, of course. We haven't been able to find a thing.

5-P26603524-Long Dove1

Looks like I'm trying to play a game of hide and seek! My little shopping outfit consisted of this flowy pleated maxi skirt from The Rack paired with a metallic coppery blouse from Calvin Klein. The skirt is so perfect for concealing warm, cosy tights underneath! I chose a pair of tough dusty grey ankle books and a Zara leather jacket to go with it, and threw on my new Marc by Marc Jacobs bow necklace for some added sparkle. Voila!

This one is sweet, too, if you're in the market for something similar:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Big Bang Necklace, $228

Tomorrow, the petite is off on a jet plane to San Francisco, where she'll spend her Christmas Eve birthday and the holidays with family back home. I'm so not ready to send her away, but she'll only be gone a week. We originally thought we'd travel somewhere beachy ourselves but with all that firewood, our new kitten, this big old house and the promise of snow...well, sometimes there's just no place like home, is there?




PS. Here is a picture of tiny Gunny nibbling out a tiny teacup on top of a tiny hand mirror. You're welcome!