Castle on a cloud.

Wrapping up Edinburgh with a tour of - what else? - the famed castle. It was really magical. We spent hours just wandering around, soaking up the incredible history and completely foreign architecture. In addition to housing the Scottish National War Memorial (that was probably our very favorite part) and National War Museum of Scotland, it also contains Edinburgh's oldest surviving building, early 12th century St. Margaret's Chapel.

Fun with cannons! Contrary to how it may look, we were there on a fairly crowded day! For the most part it wasn't bad at all, but in some popular attractions, like the Stone of Destiny and Honours of Scotland, the lines got long and moved slowly. All to glimpse the crown jewels, sceptre and sword, which date back to the 1400s and 1500s, and the stone upon which Macbeth's stepson sat when he was proclaimed King of Scots in 1057! Definitely worth it. The reason you're not seeing more photos of that sort of thing is because often photography was prohibited (not that that stopped some tourists, which horrified us!).

Some well-behaved interior shots. I wanted to take a break and thank y'all, from the very bottom of my heart, for all of your kind, supportive, infinitely wise advice for Violet. You're truly amazing!

It's not Buckingham, but even the Edinburgh Castle has a changing of the guards! It's a lot more low key and folks just kind of cluster around to look on and it's very officious and whatnot.

It wouldn't be fair to leave Scotland with at least a few of these silly tourist shots, would it? Nah. I'm not sure what you call these little holes in the castle walls for looking or shooting or dumping things through, but M squished herself into one. It was a long way down! Let's all be glad she didn't fall out. (The flask was in her pocket.) KIDDING, KIDDOS. I'm just kidding.

I poked my little head through one at M's insistence, and she stuck hers through one to take that picture up there. Cheeky! I don't know if it even needs mentioning, but I will say whether we were strolling around hand-in-hand in the castle, down the streets, or nuzzling in bars or restaurants, nobody batted an eye at the affectionate lesbian couple. We didn't expect anyone to, but it's always nice to know that's the case in practice. In case anyone was wondering.

Some lovely scenic shots of Edinburgh's Old and New Towns, as well as the Firth of Forth out there in the distance. And below, some more goofy, silly parting shots. Hope you enjoyed them!

For the record, I'm wearing my vintage shoes with Asos trousers, a ruffled tank from H&M, and a French Connection for SEARS jacket. The sparkly necklace is from Banana Republic.  The tomboy's wearing a vintage cardigan with Zara trousers and Aldo shoes, and her Dior Homme eyeglasses.

That's it, then! Off to Dublin next!