Cape Ann

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Welcome back to Singing Beach, a historic, beautiful Cape Ann beach and home of the Eaglehead, some kind of rock thing I can't be bothered with at present. It really is a pristine, deliciously sandy beach, not very crowded and with sand that "sings," but boy is it expensive! $25 to park and $6 per person just to grace it with your presence. All beaches have parking fees here (I think $12 per vehicle is about average), but every now and then it's worth it to fork up the dough. We brought our trusty lobster rolls and some classic reading material. (My recent issues of Garden & Gun are out of the shot but no less worthy.)



I decided to go a little nuts and mix my striped, high-waisted Anthropologie bikini bottoms with a mysterious, but vintage, I think, bikini top impulse buy at Cocoa Beach a few years ago. I love the sparkly gold trim and think the white is nice against my sun-kissed skin. The vintage bamboo sunglasses came with as well, hair tied back with a baby blue silk scarf from Bobby From Boston, and my Kate Spade Idiom charm necklace.

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It was our first time trying out Italian Ice at the beach! It's so good. Just as good as ice cream in the hot hot heat, especially if you're craving something fruity and tart. They'll mix up the flavors for you - mine was half mango, half lemon and divine. Look, I can't speak to Southern California beaches, but hand to God the one thing New England beaches have on Northern California's are the amazing snack shacks. This one had house-made hummus and fancy sandwiches with fresh mozzarella and whatnot! (And junk food because damn it, we can't all be perfect all the time.)

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While I did indeed rock my bright Kensie wedges at the beach, I kept a pair of casual canvas slippers in my Everlane tote in case I needed a more practical option. Cushe was nice enough to send over this pair of their Moroccan-inspired Hellyer, and I like that they have the look and feel of an espadrille upper with a honeycomb grip sole. They come in nine different color combinations and run a hair big and in whole sizes, so if you snag a pair keep that in mind!




What would a trip to the beach be without loverbird shenanigans!? Why, no trip at all. Here's my birthday boy M in her H&M striped tee and a pair of tortoise folding sunglasses that came in her latest Men's Birchbox and happen to suit her perfectly. Today she turned 36 years old! She's very upset that she hasn't got any grey hairs yet, and is convinced it's somehow due to her very high lemon intake (which she can neither give up nor compromise).



So bright these shades are really just for show, apparently. The sun is at its most brutal around 3PM here!

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I had had had to have this beach towel when I first saw it on RueLaLa. Pretty ladies under beach umbrellas! A fun California reference! LEATHER! Plus, it's enormous. You can get your own here for under $30.


One last shot of the beach...that's it for now, but a big hang in there for my fellow East Coasters suffering through this crazy heat wave and my drenched West Coasters. I think our modest above-ground wading pool is getting set up ASAP.