I'll just let y'all drink that in for a second (but only just). I can't even begin to imagine what I might have done, as a tender young femme, if I saw a sight such as this strolling along the beach at sunset one blustery May night years and years and years ago. At the very least, I would have pinched myself.

Tonight, we are celebrating the solar eclipse, the beginning of M's birthday month, and the eve of summertime as marked by the petite's last day of school, which is tomorrow  - but mostly the beginning of M's birthday month. I found 10 of the most incredible vintage cocktail glasses during a lunchtime jaunt to a nearby thrift store, and upon coming home I promptly mixed up a round of Chapel Hill beverages, with a bottle of Hudson Manhattan Rye, Grand Marnier, and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. (We haven't got any oranges, so the orange peel garnish was missing, alas.) I made her favorite meal and we dove into a tiramisu for dessert.

We're now into a completely impromptu cocktail comprised of bourbon, triple sec, Domaine de Canton, a splash of orange mango juice, and a tiny little float of lemon soda. It tastes like something we'd order at Smuggler's Cove. In short, it's delicious.

If you haven't yet figured it out, these are the butch companion photos to Sunday's post! She's wearing her Dior glasses again - something is wonky on the prescription with the Warby Parkers, so we have to get them fixed - and a very natty outfit, why I can almost see her fishing off the dock if only we had a tackle box and things with which to fish. She would fish in a tie the same way I've shown up to camp in stiletto boots.

How do we feel about fishing? I used to fish quite a lot when I was younger. In rivers and lakes and sometimes even wading for crawdads very many years ago. By far my favorite place to fish was tucked into a great lot of big rocks teeming with snakes on the Stuart Fork River in the Trinity Alps. Why am I even talking about this? Maybe because M's favorite new thing is that ridiculous fool on River Monsters.

Pants: Zara Shirt: Hurley Sweater Vest: H&M Tie: Calvin Klein Shoes: Aldo Eyeglasses: Dior Homme