Bunny Bun

For some reason, I named this folder "Bunny Bun" in my Picasa, so there you have it. Maybe it's because this bun is exceptionally fluffy, like a bunny tail. Who can say?! This was taken last Saturday, the kind of sunny, crispy Fall day where you can get away with bare legs, despite the fact that the day before we were all been bundled up in scarves, coats and gloves, braving the bay under surly skies.

I would like a few more of these days before winter takes hold, but the past few have been wrapped in fog thick enough to rile the mournful cries of foghorns, and we're all braced for 70mph winds due tomorrow. Spooky! At least I'm well, having knocked that awful cold out with drugs or tea or bourbon or all three. (I'm sure M is convinced it's the sidecar I had at the Lexington that healed me.)

Also? I have a confession: while I was running around today, I felt that sharp, distinct feeling of being ready to get the Christmas tree. Hooray! As I told a friend yesterday, I am SO excited about chopping down our own tree this year. LOOK OUT, YOU PRETTY SONS OF BITCHES, WE’RE COMING FOR YOU SOON! (If only I had this axe with which to chop it, and I must say I do prefer ax over axe, but I feel it behooves me to adhere to the spelling choice made by the company that makes the axes I so desire, alas.)

This is my HEY GIRL HEY face. Hey. So many baubles, where do I begin? Mariele Ivy necklace, the lipstick-y bullet cuff is from a little booth at a Portland market, the earrings are Asos and the ring is from H&M (and technically belongs to M, I believe). I've got my vintage Dooney & Bourke bag in tow and cozy brogues on again. The skirt, too, is vintage, and I paired it with my super soft  and very perfect Everlane v-neck tee and Sparkle & Fade cardigan. This was my "Oh, hey, let's go to the movies!" outfit (and hair and makeup).

Tomorrow is the last day of November, and I would like December to be kinder. November's been so cruel to far too many people I cherish, and it's been kind of hard to take. I really want to be mindful of treasuring every single day in the coming month, for it's the last of 2011! I can't believe it, and 2012 holds so many uncertain (but exciting!) changes for us.

I'm ready (more than ready, actually), but for now, I just want to cradle this last month like a soft, sweet little kitten.