Typical workday outfit.

That's a lie, actually. I don't think I have a typical workday outfit. The work week is likely comprised of 2 parts dresses, 2 parts pants, and 1 part skirt. I'm the dressiest person at my tiny office, so I take liberties, though I do sometimes envy the resident queer hipster and her daily uniform. (So easy, and works well for her small frame, without fail.) One day I'll wear a cotton maxi with a denim jacket and platform clogs, the next I'll be in trousers, a silk blouse and a blazer, and then there are days when I wear something like you see here.

I swanned into the salon after work for a brisk bang trim, and the ladies all oohed and aahed. You know when folks ask you if you have a hot date and you're all, "Erm, just headed home for a rousing Thursday night on the couch, actually"? That happened. That didn't end up being entirely true, either, the tomboy had poker night at work (she took 2nd place for a neat $70 purse because she's hot like that), so the petite and I decided to be super awesome mallrats until she was overcome with debilitating cramps and our tomboy-free shopping spree came to an abrupt end. Sad.

I got this jacket (as you may recall from the arboretum post) on eBay.com and it came from overseas, so it is super funny to me (but in reality I suppose it's not very) that it has a little fake D&G zipper pull. I mean, it's an EXCELLENT little jacket, despite the fact that I've worn it like three times and it's already falling apart at the seams, literally, but the zipper pull isn't fooling anybody. I think when it finally gasps its last breath I'll take those studded panels at the shoulders off with a seam ripper and build them into something new with my nifty little sewing machine.

Like take an old thrifted leather skirt and sew the panels where pockets would be, maybe? Something.


I'm over the moon about it, despite getting it from Beyond The Rack. Have I covered my beef with them here? Two things:

1. They've sold me stuff and then weeks later informed me of "inventory errors" resulting in a big fat JUST JOKING. 2. They've sold me stuff and packaged it so poorly that the goods were damaged by my very neatly opening the package. Whiskey tango foxtrot, man.

In neither case did they make any attempt to make me a happy camper again. Eventually my credit card was reimbursed, but there was never any, "We're so sorry we screwed up and you weren't entirely tickled pink, please accept free shipping or a discount on your next order." Add to that the fact that their shipping is G L A C I A L L Y slow, and you've got a messy retail breakup on your hands (and I've since had quite the rebound with Gilt). Alas. I ordered this purse on April 13th, it got here last week, and even I must admit that it was 100% worth the wait.  It's beautifully made, vegan, and tough as nails. SOUND LIKE ANYBODY YOU KNOW? #coughcoughGAY

Dress: H&M Jacket: eBay Shoes: Modcloth "Laroux" Handbag: Matt & Nat Lipstick Bullet: Culp Baubles Sunglasses: Ray-Bans

Last but not least, FFAF is getting some mad straddle love from the Femme Straddlers, so I'm giving some back! Since Autostraddle rolled out their nifty social networking features recently, there are endless ways to create and build queer community. Check it out! XOXO!