Brisk Desert

Happy weekend, kittens! What has everyone got planned? We kicked off the weekend with dull old chores, but at least they're out of the way so that we can enjoy the rest of the weekend unencumbered. I have a riding lesson tomorrow, then drinks with a group of old friends we haven't seen for awhile. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a wholesome family outing to catch some excellent bands (The Bruises, Billy & Dolly, CORIN TUCKER) later that evening.

Sunday is, of course, Mother's Day! We're going to a nice brunch at a French restaurant I adore, and then we'll head off to visit me mum. (We're lucky she's so close by, and so awesome.) My brother has pledged an epic BBQ feast and M is in charge of plying us with margaritas (my mom's favorite), and we're bringing dessert. The weather is supposed to be crummy, but it's always nicer where she and my stepfather live, so we'll hope for the best. My grandma will be there, too, so we'll have three generations of motherhood to celebrate.

Sometimes I can't believe I have a thirteen-year-old daughter, but the disbelief is quickly consumed by awe and gratitude. Awe that we're such a dreamy little well-oiled family, even with the hiccups, and grateful for the loveliness, hilarity, and incredible strength we're so blessed to share together.

Let's chat about this outfit. These pants again! After our mini-heat wave, we awoke Friday morning to an overcast, dreary sky. Drats! I pulled on these Asos pants with one of my absolute FAVORITE new shirts from Pretty Penny in Oakland. It's vintage, and I paired it with this darling black capelet from an antique shop in Auburn, CA. The hues in my glass beaded necklace were perfect, so with those, my little lion-hearted feather earrings, and these suede knotted wedges by B. Makowsky, I was all set to go.

One thing I really love about where we live is how green it is. It smells divine every single day (the same cannot be said for much of San Francisco proper, bless her heart). This woodsy little area is right beside the tennis courts, which we need to get moving on ASAP. (Sun, come back!)

I have a new motto, well, mantra really: Love, glitter and cuntiness.

May your weekends be full of all of the above!



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