Bright Eye


Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Nearly died in the gutter taking this photo. (Don't leave your mates behind!) We were on our way to the London Eye to see what we could see and get some dinner afterward.


This signpost tells you where ALL THE THINGS are, and lo, there's the cheeky Eye in the background, spinning like molasses against a dull grey sky!


This lamppost is here to light the way. IN STYLE.

LONDON EYE CANDY: WHERE YOU join the 25-mile club

alight here

This is 9pm and M isn't afraid of heights. We watched how the London Eye works - did you notice the pods on the outside of the great big wheel? You stay right side up, but the braces rotate all the way around, which looks very strange from the tiptop.



The ride lasts 40 minutes, but doesn't feel like it at all, and I know it's a big, cheesy eyesore (and the tallest wheel in the whole world), but when the clouds parted to let the sun drift down and set, it was magical.

You'll see.


St. James Park is just across the Thames, behind the Ministry of Defence,  Churchill's Museum and Cabinet War Rooms. 

There's the Westminster Bridge (and way out there, just before all that green, is Kensington).


On a clear day, 
the vista from 443 feet stretches over 25 miles!

See, I told you. 

I counted all the lights
They don't shine as bright
They don't pierce the night like you do

All the umbrellas in London
Couldn't hide my love for you

Don't stare. One more! From a slightly lower vantage.

I love that it's nearly 10pm and the day is only just beginning to fade. The night is just beginning. It's only in the wee hours of morning that it gets very dark and then it's almost dawn. 

Waterloo! Possibly my favorite station.

Hold on to your hats, because we're going to do a quick drive-by of the previous night's shenanigans at the mysterious, unnamed lesbian party.

The tomboy would like you to observe the perilous orb hovering above the deceptively placid-looking river. And her tough black bandanna tied in the dandiest way.

Bois will be

Sometimes parties can be overwhelming and you have to take your bow tie off and have a faux boxing match with your buddy.

 Sometimes you're boozy and fabulous and have shiny, shiny hair!


RVCA trousers, a vintage silk tank, and - believe it or not - a metallic bolero from French Connection for SEARS, of all places.

The bag is Co-Lab, the boots Seychelles, and the necklace is by a London designer named Lisa Galibardy, who RULES.

Thank you, London  Pride!