I love the bric-a-brac at thrift stores. I usually make a beeline for the dresses, but wandering around the aisles of mismatched, completely random, bizarre bric-a-brac is another beast of awesome. Where else can you get battered but perfectly usable clipboards, watering cans, vintage kitchen gadgets, and gorgeous antique trays made of silver that just need a good polishing? I use those to keep my toiletries neat and fancy, for displaying pretty bottles of perfume, or to have somewhere to collect my jewelry when I remove it at bedtime.

Why am I talking about bric-a-brac, anyway? Oh, yes. Look at all this brick! In shaky old San Francisco! Be still, my yearning-for-Boston heart! (Aw, that reminds me of this song.)

Where one corner of the Financial District meets the tip of North Beach's triangle lies a lovely little private label wine bar, Barrique. It's one of those quiet, tucked-in places in the city where you can find rock star parking in the middle of a breezy, sunny Saturday afternoon. We gathered there to meet some friends, and because my riding lesson ran over, making the rest of the afternoon run over, we were late and most of the crew was already roaring drunk by the time we arrived.

NEVER FEAR. We caught up in no time at all over a fine cheese plate and champagne, and then we moseyed over to Comstock on Columbus for cocktails and grub. It was so so windy in this brick-ish alley! Let me tell you something about this dress, as it's a love/hate thing:

1. It's been SO LONG since I've bared it all in a strapless, and damn it felt good. Real good. 2. After all the glory of the boning and the bare shoulders, it falls kind of flat.

This is one of those outfits you have to be a little nuts to wear. There's a whole lot going on here, but that's why it was so fun to wear. I think the dress will have to go back to H&M, but the tomboy and petite got me a few for Mother's Day (a seriously Charlotte York halter deal and a va-va-voom shimmery number the exact shade of NARS Orgasm), and I have a new cerulean blue confection from Tibi to show off, so it's NBD, really.

I want to talk about makeup! I mean, who doesn't want to talk about makeup? (Butches, look away.) I've recently discovered the joys of Shiseido foundation, Elemis skin care, MAC's original Viva Glam lipstick (where has it BEEN all my life, honestly?), and I am completely and totally in love with the brush set I got for under $25 at Costco. I have super dreamy brushes from MAC and Jane Iredale and old, beat-up trusty brushes from God only knows where that I'd rather bleed than part with, and all but three of like two dozen of my pre-existing brushes stand a chance against these new ones. If you can, I highly recommend that y'all GETCHUSOME.

Run, don't walk! You're welcome, I love you!

Dress: H&M Blazer: Free People Tights: Betsey Johnson Shoes: Miu Miu Bag: C0-Lab by Christopher Kon

All jewelry is gifted, which is sweet.  (Oh, except for the cocktail ring, which I love and got from ROSS of all places.)

PS. Props to the tomboy, who is getting crazy good at snapping these.