Breezy new hair.

When: Sunday, July 20th, 2008.

What: Embossed leather cuff with eagles from Dollywood, vintage geese t-shirt from Panatela Tops by Levi's. Insanely pretty hair courtesy of my superior genes and Seth from Down At Lulu's.

Confession: I am a daft cow and forgot entirely to take any "before" photos. I am deeply sorry for this. (However, isn't this whole blog sort of a "before"? Yes.) Moving on. You know your stylist/colorist loves you when you march into the salon biting one of your fists with hair anxiety and clutching no less than 15 photos of various styles and shades to whittle down in the other fist, and they're all "Oooh, let's look at what you've got!" as opposed to, say, shoving you out the door on your arse.

My requests: Keep the length whilst tidying up the ends, clean up and accentuate layers into a sort of long, piece-y shag, lighten my natural dark, reddish brown with a warm, rich brown. Peek-a-boo strands of ruddy caramel underneath optional.

M's requests: Breezy hair. Every photo I asked of her in order to support her request was basically a girl with long hair standing in a strong wind. Ridiculous. Alas, when Seth was done and the lipstick-print robe was whisked off of me, M leaned in and whispered, "Jonesey, it looks breezy!" - success! And without a lick of wind, even!

Anyway, I'm totally thrilled with it. The brown is so lovely, my hair so soft, and the cut came out just the way I'd envisioned!