Bread, Butter & Blood.

dsc01437 dsc01492 dsc01472 dsc01562 dsc01525 dsc01464 When: Thurs., Jan. 16th, 2008.

Femme What: Pink coat by Tulle, black dress by H&M, striped scarf of unknown origin, dark pink suede pumps with flower by Franco Sarto.

Femme Scent: I needed something light and bright for this bizarre, mid-January summer day! I decided on Diptyque's Oyedo. It goes on a bit sharp and sweet, but dries down to a very amicable and polite scent, very serene. The staying power isn't good at all! Its notes are described as "citrus fruits and thyme on a ground of wood scents," and the scent itself as "an orchard of limes and tangerines on the shore of the Great South Sea." I think the thyme rounds it off as it dries down, but I wish this stayed on better so that I could give it a fairer chance.

Femme Confession: I just finished my cheesecake breakfast - the crust to filling ratio was appx. 2:1 - it was excellent! We still have half a baby cheesecake left from a friend's birthday dinner last night, at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Aside from the fact that the name of the place grates on my soul to a degree I cannot adequately express without wanting to throw something, or that my petite filet was swimming in garlic butter when it arrived, it was pretty delicious and pleasant overall! I particularly enjoyed my pear twist martini - Belvedere Lemonessence "twisted" with Absolut Pear Vodka and fresh lemon sour - despite the fact that it initially gave off a very subtle black licorice or anise-like flavor. Oh, and we took these silly photos in the handsome lobby of our building! Ha. God, I love furniture by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

Tomboy What: Awesome Fox motorcycle leather jacket, white Alfani dress shirt, revolver tie by Cyberoptix Tie Lab (x-mas gift!), argyle belt by, uh, a place that sells belts, Kenneth Cole slacks, Kenneth Cole black boots.

Tomboy Scent: Well? I am clearly wearing a moto-jacket with slacks, so only Varvatos Vintage will work here.

Tomboy Confession: I didn't think there could be such a thing as too much butter, when in fact there very much is such a thing. And Ruth's definitely crosses that line! I was, however, very pleased with the broiled ginormous tomatoes, and my handsome Maker's Mark cocktail. Next time ask for butter on the side!