Boxing Club

You know we're big fans of MMA here, and particularly female fighters of all varieties and from all disciplines. Well, a little while ago I was contacted by the fine folks at Iron Mayhem about this inspirational and SUPER MEGA HOT 2012 photo calendar featuring twelve incredibly diverse and fearsome Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club fighters, with partial proceeds going to Shape Your Life, a recreational boxing program for women and trans survivors of violence. They agreed to send me one and I waited with bated breath to get mine in the mail. (Thankfully, the wait wasn't long at all. I'm impatient if nothing else.)

I've picked two of my favorite months to share with you, but I strongly suggesting picking up one for yourself or a fight-minded person in your life - it's the perfect stocking stuffer. They're beautifully photographed and extra-glossy, and each month features the fighter and her chosen fight name, like Beast or Iron M or Tank Girl.

They're only $20, and only 500 are available, so get yours fast! They're available online here: