Boutiques, Bunnies & Bustiers

The day after our epic night at the still-unnamed lesbian Pride party and amazing dinner at OXO, we agreed to meet our friend Cari once more, this time in Liverpool, for coffee and to have her show us round her favorite (and her femme's favorite) shops and markets. Lucky us! The main destinations were Old Spitalfields Market, Sunday UpMarket and the Vintage Pop-Up Market.

Above is a lovely little boutique called Traffic People - they've got a half dozen or so locations in London! The shop itself is darling and located in the same building as the Sunday UpMarket, the Old Truman Brewery.

Fantastic statement jewelry from Galibardy at Sunday UpMarket. The winged crow skull necklace had to be mine and I wear it all the time! This market's got well over 100 stalls and tons of drool-worthy food options, too. The stalls have everything from new, indie-designed clothing and jewelry to artists with paintings and prints and stationary, and all kinds of vintage goodness, and it wasn't at all too terribly crowded while we were there, either.


Sadly, I didn't get any pics at Old Spitalfields or in the Vintage Pop-Up Market (many stalls actually forbid photography, so much so that I got used to asking first). You know how some days on vacation you're just tempted to leave the camera in the hotel room because it's a pain to lug it around and you feel like you're almost more preoccupied with photographing things than experiencing things? That happened a lot!


I will say, though, for Old Spitalfields, that I had a merry old time picking up a bunch of gorgeous lingerie at Lulu + Lush. The shopgirls were super adorable in all their 1940s, pin-up glory, and the tomboy and I were so enamored of one incredibly jaw-dropping corset that we actually considered (but only for a moment) its hefty £400+ price tag (not that there was room for it in our luggage anyway).

How precious are those bunnies up there? I wanted to take one home, of course, but what was it I was just saying about luggage?