Boots with the Fir

4-P2910197 Before Allandale Farm there was Half Moon Bay and our beloved Delancey Street lots. Part of the fun of a big move is starting traditions anew, and heading to the farm on Thanksgiving weekend is definitely one of ours. They have a fantastic crew, awesome selection of trees and holiday swag (including tons of actual swags), delicious hot cider and a fire pit to warm up beside with the fam. We didn't quite have to bundle up as much as last year, though.


Look at this impressive damn winter wonderland! And yes, it smells like heaven. I just did laps inside of this greenhouse, huffing the air like a deranged person. And now our house smells just like it, thanks to the tree, a few wreaths and a centerpiece for the nutcracker buffet.


This super comfy outfit = Asos denim, a Vince sweater coat, my old H&M L.O.G.G. scarf and Juicy Couture weatherproof boots. You'll get to see the super cute cheetah blouse underneath some other time. M's got her Dockers Slim Fit Alpha khakis on with a few layers of sweaters under a corduroy barn coat she found new at Crossroads in Rockridge on our trip back home, J.D. Fisk boots and a Goorin Bros. cadet.

1-Allandale Xmas 2013-001

We picked out these baby trees to flank our front door while we waited for our big fir tree to get all wrapped up and strapped in for the ride home. They're so wee and adorable! We almost bought one of those massive wreaths to decorate and hang from the Juliet balcony, but after I almost broke my neck and actually broke a six-foot antique balcony window hanging lights from it last year, M put her foot down. And she's scared of heights, so there's no way she's doing and there's no way I'm letting the petite get involved, so…bah humbug!

7-Allandale Xmas 2013

Speaking of home stuff, it looks like we'll be moving into our own guest room for a little while in 2014!

When we started house hunting last year, one thing that became obvious right away was that the grandiose en suite master baths we were used to in California were NOT A THING here. A lot of Cape Cods, Colonials and Victorians had a single full bath, powder rooms off the kitchen on the first floor and quite often really useless full baths down in the basements, even when the basements weren't entirely finished! Though we lucked out with two full baths at our house, we knew we'd have to factor in the cost of creating an en suite bath that met our (admittedly spoiled Californian) needs.

This morning we officially kicked off the project with our contractor during a three-hour meeting and the handing over of a big fat check. It's exciting and a little terrifying, but we're thrilled to finally get it off the ground since putting it off way back in April. We've watched enough HGTV to know that an 1882 New England Victorian might have its own plans for our budget and we may not get everything on our wish list, but it's off to a good start and we're taking the lead on nearly everything that comes after the rough finishing. (Translation: A LOT of shopping and deal-hunting, and probably a decent amount of hands-on work.) By mid-January we should be done with the design process, and construction can begin as soon as February!

We've never done anything like this before, so it'll be an adventure, I'm sure. Wish us luck!