dsc04164 dsc04186 dsc04132 dsc04299 dsc04148 When: Wednesday, February 18th, 2009.

What: Corduroy pants from Victoria’s Secret, mystery sheer black camisole and striped Italian cardigan, thrifted. Vintage scarf, western-y leather bag by Betsey Johnson and boots by Lamica. Beaded glass necklace from Spoiled.

Scent: Guerlain Angelique Noire. Interestingly enough, it smells similar in some ways to the scotch I review below. The vanilla, I think. It's got bergamot, angelica and vanilla, goes on as sticky sweet as cotton candy melting on the tongue or warm summer skin, settles into something slightly more creamy and a little bit green, with the slightest shimmer of a bouquet of mulled wine spices. It's a bit much for everyday wear, not quite enough for evening, so I'd probably wait for the perfect outfit and almost-too-warm spring day for this!

Confession: So absurdly busy with new job, but it's fantastic and top secret. M is opening our newest bottle of scotch, a Macallan 12-Year, with "hints of sweet cream and vanilla due to aging in used sherry casks from Spain." It definitely smells sweeter. Not like Sharpie. I'll have a little taste when I'm feeling brave.

OK, I'm brave now. That was delicious. It was less smooth than the Lagavulin, a great deal less smoky or sooty, yet with somehow more bite along with the sweetness. It burns when you sip it, but it's so sweet at the same time. I imagine it's the sherry casks? I don't care. It's delicious. I want more. It makes me feel all warm inside. Mm. SCOTCH! We're friends again. Hi.