Look at the gorgeous sun setting on this pretty boathouse! It was opened in 2008, and was called "one of the best new pieces of architecture in Boston.” Best part? It's a stone's throw from our house. We can't start rowing until we get certificates proving that we're competent swimmers, but fingers crossed that we'll be signed up before the month is through!

What can I say, folks? If it's not evident in the photographs, I'll just put it down in black and white: This place continues to grow on me. Sure, two months of a bona fide summer should probably still be called a honeymoon phase, and Oh! Just you wait for winter! is a very familiar (and I suppose, valid) refrain, but it is endlessly beautiful here.

We also solved two mysteries pertaining to the same remarkable little (not little, actually) insect that's been driving us up the wall with curiosity for weeks! Turns out it's a type of katydid called a Greater Anglewing - if you click that link you can hear the sound that it makes, which originally led us to believe it was a bat and an insect. It's very unique! We first identified it by its song, and then a few nights ago one landed on the living room window.

They're very long, with red beady eyes. But harmless. Bats, vigilante squirrels, katydids, cicadas, mice, bluejays, cardinals, wild rabbits, centipedes...all very common New England critters - some cuter than others - and I suppose we're just going to have to get used to them, aren't we? Every time a new one pops up, I feel more of a city girl than ever before. The things you learn when you move away from home...

We've been glued to the DNC all week long! The tele is on right now, actually, and we're waiting for Obama to take the stage. I couldn't be more enthusiastic about the speeches from Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Warren (for Senate! yah!) - they were both so amazing, so smart, so wonderfully inspiring. Not insignificant online donations were made.

Some highlights and recommended reading if you're into that kind of thing a bit further down...

The Democrats' addition of gay marriage support to the platform. Julian Castro's daughter's epic hair tosses. The brazen mendacity and ruthless greed of Mitt Romney, Mitt Romney confronted by a gay veteran. The stunning record set by Michelle Obama's 12th grade level speech, which put Ann Romney's record-setting 5th grade level speech to shame, plus this. A neat side-by-side comparison of Bill Clinton's speech improvisations, also this excellent gif.

The new Run DNC is undeniably on fire, and just as we did in 2008 in Oakland, we'll step up to the plate to volunteer and help out where we can here. Here, buy a bumper sticker or a bandana for your dog! There's a 25% code, too: YOUNGAMERICANS - you're welcome! While you're at it, if you can, kick some down to our girl Elizabeth Warren and our girls at Autostraddle, too, if you haven't already. They only have 2 more days to reach their goal of $100,000!

OK, OK, this outfit. I love this dress for its peachy color, the Swiss dots, side bodice pleats and crochet detail. It's just a light, breezy Willow & Clay slipdress, paired perfectly with lemony-dove grey wedge platform sandals, and that trusty staple, the Levi's denim jacket. I added a Zara chain belt, Ray-Ban Clubmasters, and a beloved pony hair and leather Cynthia Rowley bag.

I've also got on my chunky gold JewelMint bracelet, Made Her Think thorned cuff, and Lauren Wolf ring. I'm sad to say the gold chain I got from Madewell broke the other day, but at least I didn't lose these precious rings, one of which matches the ring M wears on her ring finger - a treasure from Kiss My Ring, a shop we loved well while we were in the East Bay. The earrings, which you can hardly see but which are truly delightful, are trinkets from a pop-up shop in Dublin!

That's all for now! Our ottoman from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams arrived yesterday and our living room is nearly all finished, so keep an eye out for those pics soon! Oh, and I do believe we're venturing out into the wild world of New England lesbian nightlife this weekend, so wish us luck and have a good one yourselves.