Blue Monday

Blue Monday because these were taken on Valentine's Day!

It's now Thursday night. I am antsy, very antsy. Tomorrow we're heading back out to Lake Tahoe for more snowy bliss on a long holiday weekend. Since there have been lots of storms in the past week, there will be plenty of fresh powder and it will probably be much cooler than last time. I'm pretty sure we won't be skiing around in light sweaters - I'm actually worried I won't be warm enough this time! I'm going to take a break from FFAF and just enjoy my girls and the beautiful surroundings. I hope y'all have wonderful plans to make the best of the holiday, too!

I've made no formal announcement about the fact that I've moved on to greener pastures, work-wise. This has been my first week and it's been wonderful. It's an ideal role - challenging, but there's a pleasing balance of working freely and as part of a sharp, funny, creative team - and as resident Maven (that's what my business cards say, I love it), I'm focused on wrangling data and paving new organizational paths at a small design company in the tech world!

Needless to say, I'm thrilled and things are off to a dreamy start. It's an incredible place to be and I'm so deeply happy.

Now that all the new news is out of the way, what's this I've got on here? It was a dreary Monday, so I abandoned all wispy notions of wearing something frothy and pink, and opted for this comfy cotton day dress in navy blue. I brought a coat but left it in the car, since I knew the museum would be warm indoors and carrying it around all the hours we whiled away in there would be cumbersome. I was perfectly comfortable the whole time. PHEW.

Dress: Banana Republic Belt: Vintage Boots: Nine West Snaky Earrings: Gift from M! Bag, Foxtail: Freebird by The Sak, Dollywood Nail Polish: Jo by Zoya

Happy President's Day weekend, kittens!