Dear friends and lovers, your frilly femme has fallen ill. It's true. It could have been all the excitement (and AC and recycled air people) of FemmeCon, or something going around at work, or the crazy heat wave zapping my immune system, or all three. Summer colds really are the worst, aren't they? Except our summer lasted 3.5 days and is long gone as of Wednesday. Rest assured that I am getting my daily dose of bitters, because they just don't make medicine like they used to. Let's move on. Being sick is so dull.

Have you looked at Autostraddle lately? Because it looks like this:

...which is super R A D S A U C E. Like, I feel like I've really made it as a girl-on-girl culture person, in all my guest-posting glory, and I'm not just saying that because I love those girls to death (which I do). It's a real honor. There's also a really inspiring and lovely conversation happening in the comments section there. I think it's so funny and bizarre that earlier this year we were competing for a Lezzy Award, and now we're total BFFs.

Silk Dress: Rachelle Vest & Leggings: Calvin Klein Knotted Flats: Payless

Speaking of, it's one thing to buy a $10 pair of basic black flats from Payless (like I've obviously done here), but "real" shoes? Hot ones? HOLD THE PHONE, COWGIRL. I don't know, I got an email the other day and I'm a little bit blown away by some of the action they've got in their guest designer lines right now, what do you think?