Big Red

White Zombie is playing, I've had turkey leftovers TWICE today, we survived Breaking Dawn (with a little help from our friends at Knob Creek), and I've had approximately 8 billion cups of steaming hot Gypsy Cold Care tea to keep nursing this blasted cold. This morning, M & I waved goodbye to her family, who've been staying with us for the past few days for Thanksgiving festivities and a wee bit of San Francisco sightseeing. It was a really, really wonderful holiday!

These photos are from Thanksgiving at my mama's house, hooray! Isn't this bright red tree kind of awesome? On the drive up, despite a wee bit of rain, we kept noticing a ton of autumn colors in the landscape - deep reds, fiery oranges and deep gold-yellows - that I'd never really noticed before this time of year.

While M's mama had already met my family at Christmas last year, this was the first time for my sister-in-law's family, as well as M's (delightfully) wily grandma. Everyone got along so well, and everything was beautiful, from my mom's table settings to the incredible spread to our tasty cocktails and the happy, cozy mood throughout the evening.

Of course, it wouldn't be my mama's Hallmark holiday without a little arts 'n crafts, so the minute the girls had a nibble or two, my mom put them to work on a secret project. They cut out all kinds of leaves from appropriately colored construction paper, and went around to all the guests, handing each a pen and their own leaf. We were to write what we were thankful for and give them back to the girls, who very carefully glued the leaves onto big leaf-y paper plates.

When we gathered 'round for dinner, the girls read all the leaves aloud, and it was adorable. Almost every single person had written about how thankful they were for family and then, for the first time ever, there were two versions of grace: one in English and one in Spanish! Total bilingual Thanksgiving! Rad!

Let's talk about this outfit. The Karen Walker dress is all kinds of precious, and 100% wool (so that sucker got real warm whenever I was near the fire or in the kitchen). I love the oversized plaid and buttons and whatnot, paired with these plain black tights and my riding boots, it was just such an easy, festive combo. I had my Sparkle & Fade cardigan and a handmade scarf from M's mama to keep me warm outside. The latter is chenille and the brightest chartreuse shade, I love it! Wait until you see the one she made for M, it matches my dress perfectly.

I hope wherever you, and however you chose to celebrate on Thursday, with friends or family or both, that it was wonderful!