Big cat.

bigcat1big-cat2 Confession: My new best friends are designed for ballerinas, but I am fancy enough to kick it. I needed change for the parking meter at my threading appointment last night, and instead of popping into the bar or a restaurant, I wandered into a sparkly dance boutique. Ooh. I grabbed a pair of awesome tights/leggings that seem extra durable and came in the prettiest shade of cornflower blue for $13, and saw a display case with these enormous, monster-sized hair pins.

Bunheads hair pins. It was love at first sight. I held my breath and took the plunge, hoping against hope that elaborate french twists and the like could be mine, at last. My hair has just enough Asian-y slip and impossible thickness that regular bobby pins and clips are a joke. I got the 3" pins in brown and they are AMAZING. Seriously. I used four for a messy chignon and a tidy bun, and I am totally, totally shocked that they hold all of my hair in place. At $6 for one dozen pins, they're a steal.

I can't believe I didn't think of it before!