Better be heaven.

Collages4530th & Church3 CONFESSION: Oh, oh, oh. Where to begin? We've moved, the dust settles slowly but surely, work is thrilling but overwhelming at times, the tomboy is happy, the petite is happy, the pups are happy. I am happy! The sunroom has turned into storage and an awesome little puppy pen but I have designs on it for more. The built-ins hold all of the books (we purged 2/3 of them, after all), so the big handsome black bookcase has become The Beast Redux. We also somehow found me a matching shabby chic dresser and vanity and I'll post pics once the bedroom no longer looks like perhaps a small Canadian band just moved in or something. We also found the creepiest, most fantastic black birdcage lamp, a mug tree, old-fashioned hand mixer and the best, best, best part about ALL OF IT? Under $80. All of it, y'all, including the dresser and vanity, which are in pristine condition.

There has got to be some way for me to make a living doing this.

In the meantime, M & I are thoroughly enjoying her much shortened commute and talking walks to explore our fantastic neighborhood(s). Just yesterday I bought freshly made ravioli and mushroom marinara from Lucca's, down the street. We've yet to decide which of the 84,000 Mexican markets we like best. We've had excellent tapas, pizza, Chinese. There are two places to let the dogs romp around in within walking distance. We're totally getting fucking mopeds. The birds sing, butterflies literally fly all around me whenever I'm in the park and everywhere I look I'm inspired to grow flowers and things. There are a few other little girls who play out on our block. It's brilliant, every last bit of it. Life is very good indeed in FFAF-land!