Before Saturn, finding Nemo.

P2700948 Remember last month's blizzard? Seems like it was ages ago, especially since I've spent the last few weeks deep in some winter blues, dreaming of a springtime thaw. November was so beautiful, with some chilly days and some really balmy ones, and the snow and cold in December and January make the holidays feel more festive and cozy. February, then, is when it gets real. I think February and its wishy-washy sidekick, March, are gonna be my sworn enemies so long as we live here!


When Nemo hit, we were just excited. We had tons of firewood, plenty of leftover emergency supplies from Sandy, a full fridge, and proper reserves of booze. Schools closed, folks were sent home from work, and it was serious business! Aside from shoveling, everything was absolutely covered in snow and shut down for a few days. With nothing left to do but gawk at our completely buried car and driveway (rookie mistake - we will never park that far up the drive during a snowstorm again), we figured we'd go exploring on our bikes!


The neighbor's cheeky, playful response when she saw us? "WE CAN TELL YOU'RE FROM CALIFORNIA!" Har har. Yes, it's true. But why not? Everyone was still digging out their cars, the roads were barely plowed, and it was quiet all around.



Um, my Pashley Roadster 26 and Juicy Couture all-weather boots make quite the pair together, don't they? I love the chunky heel, the duck-toe and fully waterproof rubber, and the fact that that faux fur goes all the way inside the shaft for a lining that keeps me warmer, quite frankly, than my Regent St. James Hunters, even with a pair of their Union Jack-clad fleece liner socks!

You might recognize my matching hat and gloves from this older post, or maybe this one.



Nemo Bikes-003

M's got on RSQ jeans and her Converse jacket - it's pretty waterproof - and a Ralph Lauren sweater underneath. That black bandana was meant as (pretty ineffective) face protection, and the leather gloves are Calvin Klein. The boots always get compliments from other tomboys and guys alike, and they're Sebago!

Nemo Bikes


I'm wearing my crazy printed jeans from Target and my Laundry by Shelli Segal coat, with a vintage fur neck warmer with the cutest pom poms. Pretty sure I've got an Everlane french terry on underneath, but what does it matter, because you can't see it at all!


I highly recommend snowy makeout sessions, especially if you can quickly dash indoors to a roaring fire and some spiked hot cocoa right after! Snowflake kisses! So awesome! M just read aloud to me that Saturn's "wintry mix" is predicted to change to full snow tomorrow, and they're now referring to it (because apparently ONE name isn't enough) as the "Eastern Beast." Here we go again, I guess! Fingers crossed it's the last doozy before sweet, sweet spring arrives in earnest.