Before Nemo, a fearsome Freyr!

1-P2680817-001 Are you all already Nemo'd out? We certainly aren't, though there is currently a heated debate in the household over whether or not we should get a snow blower (electric! 100% green! retails for only $200!) now or when we're 70. We shoveled around 500 cubic feet of snow this afternoon, and that was just a narrow path from our front door to the street.


M is for the 70+ argument, while my logic goes something like this: less shoveling, more snowy fun! snowy booze! snowy snogging!

It's a bulletproof trifecta, and yet. My favorite part is when she said it was the only exercise we'd had all winter, and I retorted "Speak for yourself!" as someone has done horseback riding and Pilates and has Pure Barre lessons in the queue, thank you very much. Harumph! Honestly, though, I haven't minded the shoveling until Nemo. You really don't fully grasp the immensity that two or three feet overnight all at once poses until it's in your front yard and driveway. Our sidewalks are twice as high as that because the snow plows have shoved all the snow off the street up onto the sidewalks, which we're technically supposed to have cleared within 24 hours! The perks of being a homeowner, kiddos. Phew.

1-18 Carleton

So, before this walloping doozy of a megablizzard slammed Boston with its 6th biggest snowstorm since 1935 (you can read up on all ten here), we got a mini-taste of things to come way back in January, when Freyr covered us with about a foot of snow. Baby stuff! Still, it was more than the wimpy dustings we got Christmas Day  or in early November. (Did you know that Mt. Shasta in California holds the world record for a single storm totals? 189 inches in six days. No wonder we only ever rented cabins there when we were little! Even then, Trinity River 's water is absolutely ice cold year round, predictably.) These photos are strictly Freyr, but don't worry, there's plenty of Nemo goodness to come.


Til then, please enjoy this snowman and these incredible photos of fancy folks in a 1940 Valentine's Day blizzard in Boston! For the former, we used a few pieces of ashy wood from the fire for the eyes, a tiny carrot for the nose, and a poinsettia leaf for the mouth. Leftover Christmas tree branches for arms. The height of creativity, really, but it doesn't beat this little (big) guy, does it?

More soon,