Bee's Knees

Bonjour, kittens! How was your Cinco de Mayo? The week? I haven't been here since Monday, and I honestly cannot tell you where the time went. I can tell you that I've had a delightful day and a perfectly festive albeit subdued holiday. I took a midday stroll earlier to run some errands in the neighborhood, the sun shone brightly and my entire block smelled of hot, sticky jasmine.

I had a fantastic phone call with a prospective new employer, and in the late afternoon I stumbled into this truly dreamy community garden in San Francisco's Potrero Hill. It's got bees! And honey! You walk past the boxes and it smells divine. Fruits and vegetables grow side by side with the loveliest flowers, and it's all perched atop a hill with a fantastic view of Twin Peaks and the city's rolling hills to the southwest. After all of that, the petite and I snuck into one of SF's best ice cream shops - an old-timey, state fair award-winning one - for a very indulgent pre-dinner treat!

The sky was blue. My hair was shiny. My girls are happy and well. Life is just right!

PS. I love this stupid linen tank so much. I got it for like $1 at a thrift shop, and it's so soft and comfortable and breezy. I wish I had six more, at least.