Because you're true blue.

because-youre-true-bluebecause-youre-true-blue1 Confession: I love it when M makes me whiskey-cokes at home, because she serves them in these wee, adorable glasses we bought at Ikea after seeing them at our friend's lovely home for Sunday brunch a few weeks ago. They've got elephants and  birdies and penguins and flowers on them. I love them! Anyway, M cuts about a third off the straws (we have, like, 500+ straws because I refuse to drink cold beverages without them, with the exception of other cocktails and bottled beer and water, shut up), that's the best part. The wee straws to go with the wee glasses carrying the not-so-wee contents!

Look, I've found a photo of them for you. And you should totally buy some, too! They come in orange. (Bangmaster, I know you want that, to go with your TRADEMARK nails, as only you know.)

EXCITING BREAKING NEWS: This morning, M was all, "We're going on a secret mystery date. SSH! Don't ask me any questions. It's very serious. Bring a purse that you can throw your Moleskine into. In fact, start with the purse, and THEN pick out your outfit." So, I got ready with nary a clue where we were headed, and off we went. She drove me all around Oakland and I caught on and said, "You're trying to disorient me on purpose!" - which, by the way, is impossible to do. She's very sneaky.

Well, the date - contrary to the suspicions of some - was NOT at a sex den, shooting range or some hidden San Francisco gem. She took me to Best Buy to test drive the new camera of my choice for my birthday! I was completely thrilled and overwhelmed, having outgrown my Sony Cybershot digital camera long ago. We must have been in there for a few hours, tinkinering with several models based on M's preliminary research (sneaky!) and my own lust, and finally narrowed the choices down to a couple of digital SLRs and high-end digital cameras. Shoving my chronic desire for instant gratification aside, I bravely took M's hand and said that I wanted to do more research and model comparisons at home. M supported this, reminding me that they didn't have the Panasonic Lumix model she'd researched before, and that I might want to test-drive some more in person before deciding.

Alas, I came home, did some research and promptly fell in love with the Panasonic Lumix G1 w/ Leica 14-44mm Lens Kit "anti-SLR" with interchangeable lenses. I LOVE IT SO MUCH ALREADY. Turns out there's no place I could have test-driven it out here, because no one is carrying it yet (it just came out in November of last year). Still, based on countless reviews, I think it's going to be fantastic and M is seriously the best, most amazing and dreamy husband ever. She's excited that I'm so excited, and that, my friends, is true love!

Pls. to meet my shiny new toy: