Bears, Bows & Brixton

This will have to be so, so fast! I've been terribly occupied with my new occupation as a bona fide travel editor, and to top it all off the tomboy and I have at last booked our trip for a much-needed Spring Break! In just three short days we're off to very tiny little island in Mexico, where we intend to drive scooters all around, frolic with baby turtles and sharks and monkeys, lounge on pristine white beaches and eat and drink local deliciousness until we burst. We're so excited and I cannot wait. The weather here in San Francisco has been lovely lately - balmy Spring days until tonight's rain came from out of nowhere - but it's no match for the Caribbean sun and sea!

What are your Spring Break plans?! If you haven't got any, where do you wish you were going?

Note: The above photos are from nearly two whole weeks ago, when we lunched in North Beach on a pretty Sunday afternoon. Pizza calzone!