Bay Blues

If there was ever a perfect contrast between butch/femme outfits and how they can be so alike and yet so many universes apart, this is one. Same color scheme, similar textures and casualness, but that's where it ends. This funny thing happened the other week when I, in a Twitter-broadcast hissyfit about seeing something online, wrote: "Dear brides, just a thought: Maybe don't ask your dyke/androgynous/butch/boi/whatever friends to wear dresses to your fucking wedding. #jerk"


Some poor tomboy was either asking the internet for advice or sighing over what to do about being put in that position, I think, and I blew a (protective mama bear) gasket. It's just so inconsiderate, in a way that goes far beyond a Bridezilla's god-given right to every little thing being her way on her special magical unicorn day. Can you imagine someone giving me a stern look and saying, "I'm going to need you to wear pants and tie to this event, Jonesey. And don't even THINK about wearing makeup." They'd have a big old black eye in two seconds flat.

We took these on Mother's Day (which was fantastic). I had to change my outfit because M got the worst allergy attack during our picnic, and afterward we raced home and peeled our outfits off in case we were covered in invisible pollen and took a nap and then put on new ones so that M could treat me to a relaxing mani/pedi at my favorite little nail salon in Potrero Hill. So sweet! She kept me company and they served up some ice cold, delicious sangria!

The chambray shirt is from The Gap, the tailored shorts are vintage from 40 South Street in JP. I super duper love that store. It feels like the kind of vintage spot where if you've got a little coin to spend, you will certainly find something to love that's a perfect fit anytime you stroll in, unlike other vintage boutiques which can feel a lot more hit or miss. The strappy canvas sandals with the tiniest wedge are by Tommy Hilfiger. I don't know what it is lately, but this Spring/Summer I've purchased these shoes and two pretty amazing shirt dresses from old Tommy. I think what they have in common is a kind of nonchalant preppy feel, which I've been into this year.

Necklaces! I snuck a Culp Baubles lipstick bullet onto this edgy little chain from JewelMint, which has some pretty neat stuff from time to time, and I encourage you to check it out if you're a jewelry hound like I am. The bronzed disc earrings were a wonderful little birthday surprise from the lovely Nadarine, a lady of exquisite taste and remarkable...skills with cava.

The creamy enamel bow bracelet seems quite old and was thrifted in JP, and the smoky blue ring I've got on is from the magical Pretty Penny in Oakland (an airier, slightly larger version of 40 South Street, actually).

What else is new? Well, we're officially in escrow, our loan has been approved, we've got our cross country route all mapped out for early July, and we're just keeping all of our fingers and toes crossed for the last little bits - a smooth appraisal, title transfer, things like that. The packing has begun and while there's still seven weeks before Moving Day, we know time will fly and we'd rather get an early start!

It's so exciting and bittersweet, too, knowing we'll have to bid adieu to our family and friends while we set sail on this new adventure in our lives...

That's all for now, dear readers! Hope you're all well and gearing up for an excellent summer - can you believe it's nearly here already? 2012, hold your horses!


PS. One last one - this one's got the San Francisco Bay in the background, with good old Oakland and Alameda off on the other end.