Basic Black

1-P3000342 Some days in the snow you just have to go back to basics: a good pair of jeans, a heavy knit sweater, and an anorak. Another snowstorm arrives tomorrow, ho-hum. I haven't been riding in a month because the conditions are terrible. My group lessons keep getting canceled because the weather will not cooperate. Oh, to be independently wealthy and able to migrate south to Florida with the horses every winter! Yes, Florida. 


Pencey 'Ringo' boots, I love them. They've gone from black to black-brownish, which I love. I think snatching up a pair of these to go with all my spring pastels will cheer me up, what do you think? You agree, I can tell.



Paige denim, Zara cop sweater, Laundry by Shelli Segal anorak, Asos men's beanie in wool, and a pair of Cole Haan sunnies that are a good enough dupe for my beloved and very lost Ray-Ban Clubmasters, which I cannot purchase two of every year because I lose them. Religiously. Usually while on a horse or near/in bodies of water. The beanie is M's, but I do enjoy stealing it from her! I recently snagged a pair of Erin Fetherston for JewelMint bow bangles in rose gold.


7-Special Ops-004


Do you need some inspiration for a lovefest-lovenest-lovepalooza-lovegasm this Valentine's Day weekend? Head over to Autostraddle where I yank on some rainbow heart tights and a minidress for Valentine’s Day cuteness. Here's a preview:

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 12.06.54 AM.png

I'll post some additional shots not seen at the post here soon!

Cheers, FFAF