There's a new barber in town! It goes by the name of F.S.C. Barber and it is the shit. Thank goodness they decided to invade SF's Mission District, where far too many men have far too much unkempt hair, and smell like it, too. It's like a breath of fresh, handsome-smelling air. It's like our prayers have been answered!

It's everything we ever wished for in hushed, mocking tones whilst surrounded by odoriferous people in desperate need of grooming.

I'd been trying to gently nudge M in FSC's general direction since they opened up in May of this year, but she's been going more or less to the same gal in Oakland's Rockridge 'hood since, well, since we lived in Oakland. She's that good! Anytime she'd step outside of her comfort zone and try someone new in the city, the results would be mediocre - totally fine, but no one ever measured up to her other gal.

UNTIL NOW. The wonderfully sunny Colleen called M's name as we waited at the bench, perusing magazines (Playboys are in the shop, kiddos - just a friendly heads-up!) and goofing around. I got lucky and was put way up high in the shoeshine chair with a perfect view of the action. She asked for a modern take on Mad Men hair, something friendly but also serious, and off Colleen went! I guess M should talk about this part, because there's all kinds of ritual and whatnot involved in men's haircuts. I can't speak to that.

I can say, as a femme, that it was EXTREMELY SEXY sitting there patiently while my tomboy got perfect hair. It's hair that says all kinds of inappropriate things at inappropriate times, while being very, very appropriate. I highly recommend the experience to everyone.

There were, of course, a parade of patrons coming and going, most on the younger side, in their late 20s or 30s, a few older gents, getting haircuts and shaves and such, too. They were all, generally speaking, well put-together. If you go here, you'd better be, because the folks running the place will make you feel like a total slob if you aren't. Some people might see this as highfalutin' and absurd, I say bring it the hell on!

On that note, it's kind of amazing how many passerby stopped to peek into the barbershop through the huge windows, faces all bright and shiny with curiosity and awe. It's a lovely shop, that's for sure, and large at 1200 sq. ft. - but I think it's the old-fashioned, brightly lit, heavily wooded look and feel that causes folks to peer inside.

A few last things to note: They've got a well-selected batch of grooming products in stock that I'm sure even Castro boys would approve, everything from high-quality combs to full lines of hair care to their own shaving kits. Neat! The small space connected just to the side of the barbershop is a wee boutique of sundry men's items, plaid shirts, stacks of slacks in autumn shades, wool blazers and ties, shoes, handsome books and whatnot. Definitely worth a visit if you've got time (and money) to kill.

Without further ado, the final result:


Shirt: Calvin Klein Sweater, Woolly Fingerless Mittens: H&M Wool Slacks: Zara Shoes: Asos Socks: Urban Outfitters