Baby llamas and cupcakes in Japantown

One of our last date nights together in San Francisco took place in Japantown, and it was perfect. The fog had worked itself into a bona fide drizzle, which is funny because it always seem to rain on us a little bit whenever we're there, and we decided to grab a bite at our favorite sushi restaurant before catching a movie at the Sundance Kabuki. We had two favorite theaters in the city - Kabuki for the booze and adults-only vibe, and the Century Centre 9 for the strawberry belts and jubilantly snarky (and often very gay) audiences.

While the food at the restaurant is always great, we really go there for the drama. People are on the oddest dates, without fail. The second time we ate there we knew it wasn't a fluke and that we'd found something special. So many awkward first dates, and they probably stumbled into that place for the same reasons we did - no wait, happy food smells wafting out into the bridgeway as you walk by, and quick, cheerful service. So entertaining, who needs a movie afterward? (We paid our bill and were still early to see Prometheus, which was a most hilarious train wreck, even with lots of bourbon lemonade.)

It was chilly out but I still wanted to wear a "date-y" outfit for a casual night out, so I yanked on this Cheap Monday skirt, a pair of tights and my studded ankle boots, and reached for my leather jacket. The chambray shirt was just a nice shot of prep that fit my mood at the time. I couldn't be bothered to fuss much with my hair, so I just twisted it back and under with some pins to draw most of it away from my face and off my neck.

You can barely make out the dainty gold and black JewelMint earrings I've got on, but I love them! They're simple and elegant, and the length adds a hint of drama.

Now let's talk about these llamas, shall we? I mean, their rosy little cheeks!! CUTE ATTACK! We found them - well, M found them - in a really adorable little stationary shop. I wanted to take one home in every color, they had white ones and yellow ones and violet ones and pink ones and so cute and so soft snuggly, but grown women with stuffed llamas is wrong, right? Especially when she owns dogs that will decimate the llamas on sight. Oh, well!

Cupcakes! Despite the rapturous look on my face down below, I wasn't terribly certain that these cupcakes would be any good. Boy, was I wrong. I took a red velvet to go, forgot about it for a day or so, and when I finally did eat it (for breakfast, probably) I wasn't disappointed. It was so great! Yay, Cako!

Then we got here and I pounced on Sweet, a local cupcake shop, hoping to match or exceed the likes of Cako's red velvet, Kara's Cupcakes or Miette, but that was a disaster. While their packaging was gold medal-worthy (an Olympic ribbon around the box!), the cakes themselves weren't just mediocre, they were bad. I'll gladly take recs for the best of Boston's cupcakes if you have them, yo.

On a more serious note, I finally put my Keep Oakland Fresh sticker on the car. What?! Now that we're kind of getting settled and I'm realizing we're gonna be here awhile, I feel a deep and insistent need to show my roots in some small way. While we've embraced New England nautical in our living room, there's still going to be a place for West Coast love, like a selection of framed Fillmore show prints and a unique California flag.

My hometown will always have its hooks in me, and it seems only natural to let our new home reflect that. That said, we're off to the Cape tomorrow for an overnight stay with friends! M is very excited about the shark floatie I found for her today, I'm excited to catch up with a certain lovely Rose, and it's shaping up to be an all-around happy weekend. Hope yours is as well!