Autostraddle Me!

I wanted nothing more than to accessorize with an actual trumpet or something yesterday. I just felt this whole marching band nerd meets pin-up girl vibe and that I really needed an instrument, specifically a shiny one.

Two exciting things happened yesterday (well, three):

1. I was rather spectacularly hungover and deliciously sleep-deprived.

2. I woke up to being on Autostraddle's most esteemed list of queer blogs to read RIGHT NOW and FREAKED OUT: "So basically what you’ve got here is a gorgeous woman in adorable outfits, and it’s a blog called Fit for a Femme. More specifically, you’ve got a gorgeous femme, SBJ, showcasing these hot f*cking boots or this perfect dress. And just when you think it can’t get any cuter, BAM there’s a photoshoot like this one with M in which they’re at the beach and omg I think she stole M’s hat and would you look at that mothereffing wool coat?! Stop it both of you STOP BEING SO LOVELY."

3. Who wouldn't freak out?! It's insanely sweet, and wonderful news! Plus, the other blogs are amazing - we're in such fantastic company! As a result, M & I celebrated with lunch at Regalito, one of our favorite places ever, a bit of window shopping at Therapy and The Apartment, and a trip to Good Vibes.

All in all, a really spectacular Sunday and I just want to heartily welcome any newcomers and again express how completely thankful Fit For A Femme is for your support and love and page views.

Also? Just to be bossy, I'm going to insist that y'all head over to Facebook and LIKE us there, too. XO!