At Last

Howdy! Are y'all snowed in or what?! It's clear as a bell out here, and we've got a little fire going in the fireplace.

Here are the final photos from our holiday party series! Perhaps you've had just about enough of this red dress, that plaid tie, those pups. Perhaps not! Perhaps you're wondering what the hell the tennis rackets are about. (We don't actually know. Well, that's not entirely true. We were trying to think of poses that wouldn't bore y'all to tears, and I remembered that we'd recently watched The Royal Tenenbaums. M agreed that it was a good source of inspiration; absurdity ensued. Obviously.)

How was everybody's Christmas (or preferred holiday du jour)? Where do I even begin? We had a fantastic celebratory birthday dinner on Christmas Eve, at our favorite Indian restaurant in the Mission. The petite tried eggplant for the first time (it was also her first determined foray into Indian food, you might recall), and it was a lovely time.

We all awoke bright and early on Christmas Day, rubbed the sleep from our eyes, and padded down the stairs to gather round the tree. M brought wood in to start the fire, while I started on the coffee and Mexican hot chocolate, and M's mom and the petite tore into their stockings. We brought a tray of Madeleines into the living room and the present parade began! My sweet beloved was thrilled with her new watch, pocket projector and standing men's valet, and I just couldn't believe it when I opened up a brand new, big old 45-200mm lens, as well as an incredibly dreamy remote control for my camera. She also found an artist who re-purposes old type trays into stunning curios to hold earrings, and mine was wrapped with lots of pairs of gorgeous new earrings tucked into the little cubbies. Her beautifully written card was the first thing I opened on Christmas morning, and it brought me to tears! I still love it when she writes to me, every little word.

All that magic and wonder endured the rain and lasted the whole day through at my mother's house, where M's mom and my own met for the very first time! There was lots of food and laughter and games, and midway through it all, M's mom scolded her for not bringing her to my mom's much sooner. We honestly couldn't have asked for a better holiday, we just couldn't have.

We know what counts on Christmas isn't all of the presents, not the lights or the fanciness or all the glittery baubles in the world. It's beyond contentment, and our routine daily joys and merriment, and if you stripped it all away and sat us in a plain old room with our loved ones and our gratitude and not a thing to unwrap, we'd be golden. My grandma was in a mood this Christmas - she was feeling very spiritual and since she usually orates grace at dinnertime, it was especially verbose this year - but whether it was the brandy or the BB King playing in the background, she helped remind us all how lucky we are to be so close, how fragile no matter the age, and how blessed with the spoils of love.

Wishing each and every one of y'all an excess of riches in heart and soul this season!


Skinny + M