April Vows for Winter Kate

So, we haven't got any outstanding FFAF photos from the wedding you've heard so much about, but we have a VERY good reason for it.

#1 reason: An actual madman went on a rampage through our posh 4.5-star hotel, setting off fire alarms which forced all guests to evacuate while the police and fire department got everything sorted out. No one was hurt, thankfully, but our floor was particularly affected by the damage and to give you an idea of how badly behind schedule we'd got: I WAS LITERALLY STEPPING INTO THE SHOWER WHEN M STARTED HOLLERING ABOUT A FIRE ALARM. Out we went, and then we waited. By the time the coast was clear, we had 40 minutes to get ready (and that was after calling our driver and pleading with him to give us an extra ten minutes before fetching us for the drive to Lincoln). The wedding was a 35-minute drive away from Boston proper, and you bet your ass I was sitting in the back of that Lincoln cursing under my breath, putting on finishing touches, and trying not to panic.

Praise Dolly, by the grace of I-don't-know-what we got to the wedding with just about ten minutes to spare before guests were seated - long enough to say hello to some dear friends and sip a little champagne. The wedding was beautiful, perfectly suited to the giddy, gorgeous couple, with a few lovely pinches of tradition thrown in with the modern art and some cheeky hilarity here and there.

We had so much fun and it was beautiful out. Not traditionally beautiful, no clear skies and sunshine, but the rain slowed to an ethereal, slightly spooky mist that just clung to the air and lingered in the trees. It was wonderful and utterly unlike the fog we get here. After the ceremony we took this stroll outside with friends, enjoyed bits of the amazing sculpture art and managed to snap a few photos. The night seemed to go by so fast - one super highlight was dancing to good old Tiffany - and the next thing I knew one of the brides was shoving a glass of their fancy rosé into my hand and telling me to slam it before the museum kicked us out. (Note to self: It's fine to be a booze hero, but NEVER slam rosé. Maybe never slam champagne, period.) A big giant school bus took us all to an afterparty, and it was magical.

That was the way of it, so these stolen moments will have to do! We were just incredibly happy to be there and sharing the special evening with our friends and their dearest loved ones. Yay!

So! Here it is. A Winter Kate dress, with a sequined clutch and my vintage fox fur coat. Lots of rings and layered necklaces. The tomboy's outfit is comprised of Zara slacks and grey-brown dress shoes, a striped Ralph Lauren shirt, sweater vest and blazer from H&M and a one-of-a-kind polka dot bowtie from Etsy. She's drinking Maker's. We'll have to re-shoot these outfits to give you better details and such, but may these tide y'all over in the meantime!