All astonishment!

Golden Glass3Collages40 CONFESSION: Golden Glass at Fort Mason was incredible. I think I sampled three dozen wines at the very least, and there were none that weren't delicious, just some more delicious or complex than others. It was an unbelievably beautiful day in San Francisco and I was thrilled to be on the water. M & I had been so busy with open houses on Saturday that I never was able to pick up some velvet ribbon for a trim on my vintage straw boater hat, but I was so committed to the idea of a hat that I decided to wear this one in a radically different way than I have in the past. I decided to set it atop a fancy updo and pin the veil over and under the twist of hair and love how well it turned out!

I was also adventurous in the culinary department; braised pork belly in a clam shell bun from Heaven's Dog, incredible mortadella from Fra'mani, basil olive oil that changed my life from Stella Cadente, alfajores from Sabores del Sur, freshly zested lime truffles from NeoCocoa and (this is the true triumph of the day, as I usually abhor goat cheese) a fantastic chevre from Harley Farms.

The truly wonderful news, however, is that M & I are signing the lease on our new place on Wednesday night! Noe problem! Mission accomplished! We couldn't be more thrilled with it. Everything's happening so fast. We're moving in 10 days and haven't got a thing packed!