Against the wall.

dsc019512 dsc01980 dsc02001 dsc02020 When: Monday, Jan. 26th, 2008.

What: Lamica boots, Laundry by Shelli Segal trousers, vintage neck-tie blouse by Georgiou Studio, layered vest by Boom Boom Jeans, long cardigan by Kersh Essentials.

Confession: In numeric form, a grab bag of random -

  1. That lady with the litter in SoCal should give M & I a baby. I took the petite and her friends to an especially infant-laden neighborhood cafe this afternoon, and my ovaries went into overdrive. This wee Asian baby waved at me with his little hand. All snuggled inside of his stroller. He couldn't have been 10 mos.! Can they do that so soon? I've forgotten! I'm all out of practice! OMG!
  2. I took my petite and her friends to the arcade today, where she and I scored 700+ tickets. We cashed 'em in for candy (cherry pixie sticks!) and a fortune telling machine that's all WIISSSHHHHHHRRHHHSSSHH! YES, BUT PROCEED WITH CAUTION! WHHHSSSSIIISISSHRRRRSSHHH!
  3. There is a new Bachelor episode tonight and I am so so so impatient for it. DeAnna, where are you!?!?!? HURRY UP!
  4. M & I have to go to the gym again tonight, for Operation Get Buff 2009. I'm scared. Hold me!