dsc03391 dsc03479 dsc03458 dsc03405 dsc03496 dsc03438 When: Thurs., February 12th, 2009.

What: Plain black trousers from Express, sleeveless black blouse by Samuel Dong, thrifted black belt with neon stripe. Vintage black leather moto jacket by Wilson's, boots by H&M, Peruvian scarf from little Bodega Bay surf boutique. Bullet necklaces by J. Gold.

Confession: I feel like a dirty hippie because I haven't washed my hair for, like, four days or something. It feels gross, even. But it looks SO FANTASTIC, I just can't bear to do it. I don't even know how it's possible, it's FILTHY, it probably smells, but when the Shiny Hair Goddess of Preternaturally Lovely Waves pulls you to her gossamer bosom, you do not squirm or wiggle or wish for an entire bottle of shampoo. You toss your hair after brushing it with your fancy Aveda hairbrush.

Close-ups of fancy floral lattice on back of blouse, my shiny hair and the bullet lipstick pendants by J. Gold (I'm keeping the baby one safe until the petite can wear hers without other parents turning me into the CPS):

dsc035261 dsc03574 dsc03698