For the love of all that sparkles.

When: Tuesday, September 9th, 2008.

What: Black ruffled dot blouse from Target. Black and white striped silk skirt by MaxStudio. Floral print scarf by Lulu Guinness. Sheer yellow belt, vintage. Hot pink pumps by Chinese Laundry and oversized teal bracelet from H&M.

Confession: Sometimes the outfits you toss on in a crusty-eyed fog after sleeping in are the best ones. At lunch today I discovered very sad news! My favorite jewelry store is moving to an undetermined location soon. I wandered in there whilst waiting for Singaporean takeout next door, and they explained to me that the lease is up and they're not sure where they'll go next. At least they're not closing! She noticed my new ring and started to fuss over it - the first stranger to do so since it was given to me! - then the other lady came in who works there and suddenly these three older ladies were crowded around me making a big to-do over it all, including the eldest (also a loyal customer of the store, it seemed - we're both known on a first-name basis). It was really sweet and adorable, and not a single one of them batted an eye when it became apparent that I'm an engaged lesbian. That was really nice.

Then the oldest woman said to me, "I was admiring your outfit when I got out of my car. You just sauntered on by and oh! I thought to myself I would have worn an outfit just like that when I was her age!" and as she was saying this she was kind of gesturing at the bits she liked, like the scarf and the skirt, with a flourish, as if to demonstrate that she, too, was once a sprightly young thing all flushed with love! It was an incredibly cute and sweet little exchange.