2013: Stay awhile, why don't you?

1-NYE 2013 Welcome to our New Year's Eve. It's got something I've never ever had before - snow! Did it stop me wearing a pair of over-the-top, glitzy platform evening sandals? Of course not, and despite slushy puddles and patches of ice, I am proud to say I never so much as stumbled. Be it luck or skill or both: Look out, New England, there's a new femme in town!

2-NYE 2013-001


We had a lovely evening out, despite having just made dinner reservations the night before. Risky! Spontaneous! We picked a little restaurant right on the Long Wharf on the harbor, which gave us a front-row seat to the delightful First Night fireworks display over the water at midnight (a little sampler of which is pictured above). It was so magical - and let me tell you, there was nothing better than rushing out of the cold back into the cozy, warm restaurant to find champagne and dessert waiting for us at our table.

It was perfect, and I hope your celebrations were, too!

4-P2690250 *There are cashmere tights hiding under the leopard print ones.

So. Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially five days in! How does it feel? What's going on? 'Fess up - are you keeping those resolutions or has the flagging already begun? Seeing as how I don't have any of my own, not really, I'm certainly not one to judge. There is one challenge I've accepted, and that's Apartment Therapy's January Cure. If you follow along, it promises that you'll be "sitting pretty in a clean, fresh, organized home by the end of the month."

5-NYE FFAF 2013

Of course, we just moved in. It's been exactly six months, which is probably when the honeymoon phase for a new home purchase starts wearing off. It's not that we aren't over the moon about the house or that it isn't in outstanding shape - we truly are and it definitely is - but now it's winter, and as time passes and routines flesh themselves out, you find out what works and what doesn't, that the priorities you had at closing shift with the ones that make themselves known in day-to-day life, and bills that were ballpark figure estimates become actual pieces of paper in the mail with real numbers and everything.

I keep hearing our real estate agent's voice in my head during our househunt, she'd always say, "Well, just live with it for six months and then see how you feel." Truer words... (and I told her so when we met up with her for drinks over the holiday break)!



I digress. My personal objective for the January Cure is to tackle that mental list that's been growing since we moved in, and by month's end to have targeted and resolved some easy-to-fix things so that we can really focus on a plan for the rest of the year.

The first step was terribly exciting because I got to make one of my trademark sicko spreadsheets, which has no fewer than 14 columns with 111 line items total. I'm allowed to have 42. Oops. They range from everything like "move bullhorns to attic" or "donate kitten supplies" to "build the dream deck" and "have the tv professionally installed with a built-in cabinet" - there are things on there that might not happen for years and things that will only take us 5 silly minutes, but it feels good to take stock, get every last little thing written down, and have a plan of attack (conveniently decided by someone else).


Aside from that, I'd like to do more of my Big 3 - read, write and ride (horses and bikes, this time around), but I'd also like to cook more, see and do more throughout New England, and host more get-togethers for friends and neighbors alike. We're thinking of starting with an Oscars viewing party next month!


And finally, the dress and bag here are both gifts from M. The shoes are Linea Paolo, both hat and fur are vintage, and the necklace is Marc by Marc Jacobs. M's natty bow tie is from the incredible Bobby's from Boston, and I'm taking her there on a date there very soon.

Happy New Year, everyone!