1-2fer It is so late and what I really ought to be doing is paying attention to the latest episode of Lip Service with my wife, but here I am. Socks and sandals. That's what happens when you don't own a pair of punk-o creepers...

Day 5: "Take a cue from this street-style pic and punk up a midi-skirt and Peter Pan collar with major creepers and socks."







There was some hair-pulling on this one, but ultimately I decided on the Telegraph pencil skirt from J. Crew - it comes in an extra-long length and four-season Super 120s merino wool. Midi skirt, check. This short-sleeved DKNY blouse with a Peter Pan collar fit the bill to a T, check. My toughest pair of sandals in lieu of creepers, check. Socks? This bicycle-print pair from Old Navy seemed weird and fun, so check.


I pulled on this sold-out Power Point necklace from Jewelmint because it was, well, pointy, and added an oversized white and gold bangle with some smaller white ones with gold pyramid studs as well. The sandals are Seychelles (I've been eyeing this pair lately, too). Bam. Dunzo.

Seeing as how it's the 8th and I only get one "get out of jail free" card per week, let's jump right to Day 6! As you'll see, it rained on us.


We were just very innocently taking an afternoon stroll around the block, honestly wondering aloud what was up with the few spotty grey clouds mucking up an otherwise blue sky, and a few seconds later it turned on us and started to pour!


What else to do but giggle about it, eh?

Day 6: "Cropped, high-water distressed denim looks so cool when worn with crisp blouses and pumps."




I gave it my own spin by adding a big black bow I found at Bobby From Boston, a painterly bangle (OMG, remember when that word was all the rage? I really hated it), bold red lips, and this calf hair polka dot envelope bag from Madewell in black and white. The pumps are just a basic black pair with a nice almond toe - can't recall who made them at the moment. Also, I love this House of Harlow "Sahara Sand" ring. I wear it everywhere!



Guess I didn't need the Ray-Bans after all...we ran for cover under the front porch, and rode out the storm from the settee there, hibiscus blossom cocktails in hand.


Rainy pants dance!

More on the morrow, my friends. (And you people in the comments who've been skipping ahead - you know who you are! - you're scaring me! What am I in for?! Tomorrow's just a pencil skirt and embellished t-shirt, which I could pull off with my hands tied behind my back. Apparently I should be afraid...very afraid. Eek!


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